Hi ladies! My name is Mala Yekanath and I am the founder of Purple Pleats. Living in the United States, I find that the options for Indian wear are limited. Every time I want to update my Indian wardrobe, I either have to wait till my next India trip, settle for the pricey, mostly out-of-style options available here, or scour through hundreds of online Indian shops. Who has the time for all that these days? With inspiration from services like StitchFix, I asked myself what if someone who really knows Indian fashion could hand-pick items that are personalized to my style, and deliver them to me? And so I decided to start Purple Pleats.

Purple Pleats is for women who love Indian fashion but who either don't have the time or patience to shop, or who find shopping for Indian wear overwhelming, or for those who simply enjoy the excitement of unwrapping boxes with the latest fashions inside!

Our passionate and knowledgeable stylists hand-pick items from trendy designer boutiques that match your style and needs. Currently, the service is for Indian fashion jewelry, but soon we hope to include other types of Indian wear including salwar suits and saris.

To get started, just fill out your style profile where you'll answer a few questions about your preferences. Our stylists will then hand-pick and send you three pieces of exquisite Indian jewelry. Keep what you like and ship the rest back to us.

Our goal is to provide you a fun, personalized experience, while saving you the time and trouble of finding exquisite Indian jewelry that compliments the outfits you have. Give it a try, and please let us know what you think!